Agents and Agencies

We know that there are a lot of free options available to help you sell your house, and we say “use them”! But in a lot of cases, you get what you pay for.

Sure, its great to get your house out on as many sites and listings as possible – the more people see it, the more potential buyers you have. But there really isn’t anything easier or more effective than giving them a single web address to go to.

Today’s home buyers are very resourceful and crave detailed information. Creating a single-property website for your home gives you the opportunity to build a narrative about the home, and provide interesting and detailed information – much more information than many of the free options allow. You can provide high-resolution photos, details about every interesting feature, and the kind of information that buyers are looking for.

Besides being web-savvy, today’s home buyers are also looking for instant information. Since all of our sites are mobile-ready, drive-by visitors, newspaper visitors, and anyone with an iPhone, Blackberry, or internet-capable mobile device can see an easy-to-read detailed presentation of your home. As a home buyer, the ability to drive by a house, bring up the website on their mobile phone, and see detailed information and photos while sitting in front of the home is invaluable. Since we’re marketing professionals, web professionals, writers, and artists, we can take care of it all.

If you want a website that will give potential buyers the information they crave, and keep them coming back (which often leads to an offer!) then contact Real Estate Digital Services and let us work for you.