Mobile Solutions

If you’re not making your websites “mobile-ready” then you’re missing a huge part of the market. Today’s home buyers rely on their mobile devices to give them instant information wherever they are and a mobile-ready site makes your content easier to read on the small screen.

Every Single Property Website we create is mobile-ready and we offer mobile options for our agent, agency, and builder sites. We can even upgrade your existing site to work on mobile devices.

Why is Mobile-Ready So Important?

Today’s computer monitors display 1280 or more pixels in 13 or more horizontal inches. Most websites are at a minimum 900 pixels wide. The highest resolution phones display 640 (iPhone) or 720 (Galaxy S3) horizontal pixels, and they’re much smaller at only 2 or 3 inches wide.

Trying to fit something designed for a 15-inch screen into a 4-inch screen results in a poor experience with tiny text and a  lot of scrolling required. Our mobile-ready sites detect that the user is on a mobile device and display the mobile version of your site instead, ensuring that your visitors get all of the content of your site in an easier to read format.